Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blood, Sweat, Potassium, and Tears

Alright ladies and gents, for those of you with a weak stomach please do not read further as you will be reading the description of the life of an Army Diver in training :) They will try to break you...

So Evan made it past the first week!! Yay!! Out of 16 guys, there are 5 left. Yes one quit the first day, and 4 quit the second (it wasn't their fault the instructors drowned them and made them throw up right?) Two more went to sick hall, for being sick, guess that's not allowed so they got kicked out. One just can't make it click so he'll get let go. Who can concentrate on line pulls and gas laws after 6 pages of writing them over and over and over and over for 5 days straight as homework? Oh yes I forgot to mention after they have to get up at 3:30 am every day, run and lift and swim until they vomit almost every day. And then one sad diver popped his ear drum, but he's just getting recycled (pushed back to the next class in Army terms).

Yes Evan has made it! But now (don't read if you have a sick stomach) there's blood in the toilet, vomit in the garbages, cramps in his legs, and drool on the pillow from a very hard days work sleep-time. BUT HE'S ALMOST DONE!! So keep praying the blood stops, the military won't run out of bananas (for the cramps), they don't cut sleep hours down, and he can keep himself fed and hydrated without vomiting! :)

Now... as far as I go, I'm having a lot less dramatic 3 weeks. Went shopping for work-out clothes (it makes you want to work out alright!), had a great night with mama Shannon, changed my friends' sons dressing for his knee (he fell playing jump rope... yes he's 18), and a LOT of homework. But... the house is staying clean! However I am now convinced it is MY laundry that makes it so impossible to catch up. Yes I have done laundry 4 times since he's been gone! But good side is, I'm working out almost every day! I haven't had a soda since Saturday night either! I drink more water, less soda, and eat so much healthier. Dang carbs that I love so much give women poochies (that's a little bump of fattiness underneath the belly-button in case you were curious). My legs feel like spaghetti I'll have you know though. I waddle down the hall now. But it's all worth it so I can be sexy like my hubband :)

Anyways... yes this was a very random post and I am sorry. But welcome to the world of a nurse and a soldier! Random does seem to happen a lot with us :) Hope everyone else is doing good and loving life!! Conference this weekend!! Woot! xoxo (Sorry kayla). Oh speaking of... PLEASE vot for my sister for best softball player in the utah valley!!


Please vote! You can use your facebook login. You do unfortunately have to choose someone in each category, if you don't know who to vote for... pick randomly unless it says Timpanogos High! (And yes I did just sing my cheer from highschool to remember how to spell the ridiculous name). xoxo

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  1. Yay! I finally got to catch up on your blog! Scary about Evan. He is aweomse though. he is going to mkae it for sure. You have the cutest body every so I don't know why you think you have to work out so hard...crazy. Love you!