Monday, January 31, 2011

Told You I'd Steal Ideas :)

So my friend Mari stole this from her friend and now I'm stealing it from her! I thought it'd be a nice way to ease into my blogging until I either A: Have something interesting to post or B: find the time to back post all of our adventures since moving to Washington! So here it goes... You blog a new thing every day for 30 days. Here's the outline of the next 30 days.

Day 1 - a photo of yourself and a description of how your day was.

Day 2 – A photo of something you ate today.

Day 3 – Your idea of the perfect first date.

Day 4 – Your favorite photograph of your best friend.

Day 5 – A photo of yourself two years ago.

Day 6 – A photo of an animal you’d love to keep as a pet.

Day 7 – Your dream wedding.

Day 8 – A song to match your mood.

Day 9 – A photo of the item you last purchased.

Day 10 – A photo of your favorite place to eat.

Day 11 – What’s in your makeup bag?

Day 12 – A photograph of the town you live in.

Day 13 – Your favorite musician and why?

Day 14 – A TV show you’re currently addicted to.

Day 15 – Something you don’t leave the house without.

Day 16 – Your celebrity crush.

Day 17 – A photo of you and your family.

Day 18 – Something you crave a lot.

Day 19 – Another picture of yourself.

Day 20 – The meaning behind your blog name.

Day 21 – A photo of something that makes you happy.

Day 22 – A letter to someone who has hurt you recently.

Day 23 – 15 facts about you.

Day 24 – A photo of something that means a lot to you.

Day 25 – What’s in your purse?

Day 26 – A photo of somewhere you’ve been to.

Day 27 – A picture of you last year and now and how have you changed since then?

Day 28 – Your favorite movie.

Day 29 – Something you could never get tired of doing.

Day 30 – A photograph of yourself today & three good things that have happened in the past.

Since it's only 10:00 am here in the gray and rainy day of Washington State... I'll post a picture and if I'm not too tired after my shift tonight I can blog more about my day! So far I woke up late with my hair in it's usual disasterous state. BLINDLY walked into my bathroom, managing not to trip over the long cord reaching from my ipod player to the outlet in my closet. (I need the other outlets for hair-styling tools... and a toothbrush.) Finally take off the cover of my Tiffany & Co. glasses box, reach in and take out my Tiffany & Co. glasses case, remove my Tiffany & Co. glasses from my Tiffany & Co. satin cover. Did I mention I LOVE Tiffany's? And before you go thinking I spent big bucks on these new glasses, (which I desperately needed from cracking a contact in two) they were on sale and everything came with it for free! I had to get them, they were the ONLY glasses in the ENTIRE store that looked good on my face ya know! It would have been an abomination not to take these glasses home with me. So after placing my 1 inch thick glasses on my face (haven't had time to run them back to the store to get my thin lenses put on to replace my Mr. Magoo style), I let the dogs out of their kennel. Being trampled by Bella who shoots out of that thing like a rocket, and trying to save my poor Buddah from being squished by her enormous paws. Bella takes off out of the room running into every wall and door frame on her way out as buddah is doing his snorting/choking/coughing thing he does. If you've ever heard it you know what I mean! So I pick him up trying to calm him down as Bella is jumping all over me because she wants to go outside. (How do I get stuck with taking them out when it was my oh so wonderful husband that actually wanted a dog that outweighs and outstands his wife?) So I sit on Bella trying to put her collar and leash on while Buddah's again doing his snorting noise, finally reach the door and out goes Bella with me barely making it out the door without smashing my face into it. Pulling me down the stairs with Buddah following along we make it outside. It's freezing!! My nose and fingers are already numb and red and Bella and Buddah think this is the greatest thing since T-R-E-A-T-S came out! Buddah goes to his usual 28 trees making sure he marks every single one (how dare the other dogs in this massive apartment complex mark his trees!). Bella has her usual stance of nose to the ground and butt in the air trying to smell every little scent imaginable. These dogs have sure taught me patience that for sure. Between Buddah's ownership of half the complex and Bella's hounddog tendencies we're out there for over 20 mins and not a single drop of what we're actually supposed to be out here for has actually left the two of them. So now after finally urging the two of them they do their deed and it's back inside. Trying to get them to sit on the rug the way Evan does so I can check their feet is IMPOSSIBLE!!! The man has a talent I swear, or maybe it's his military aura I don't know. They just listen to the man better than they do me. Buddah only sits if he knows he's getting a treat and Bella just jumps on me and knocks me over. So now we go for treats... and trying to teach Bells how to lay-down. Buddah has it down and LOVES to show us what a good boy he is. Only because he thinks he's getting another treat. Now that the dogs are taken care of it's time to start taking care of the house. Putting away the clothes that sit in the basket for weeks (only full of Evan's clothes it's amazing how that happens!). Picking up the clothes off the floor (again only Evan's) and finally starting a load of laundry. Maybe it's just me... but are everyone else's husbands/boyfriends/fiance's whatever else we have incapable of doing laundry? Or putting away clothes? Or even picking them off the floor to put in the laundry hamper? Drives me crazy!!! I get home from work and I open the door and there are combat boots and running shoes for PT, walk in the house and there are PT clothes (wet might I add) all over the spare bedroom, walk into our bedroom and there are ACU's and sweats all over the floor. I swear when I left the house that day everything was neat and orderly. He's worse than the puppies sometimes! Anyways... so I finally get my laundry put in the washer and get time to blog. I think oh maybe I should put up some pictures of the house! I should clean... start in the kitchen and little to my surprise there are dishes in the sink. So I open the LOCKED dishwasher and notice it is FULL! Yay the husband did dishes!! But the dishes are dirty. As I look to the spot where an open, unfull detergent area should be... I see a locked one. I open it and yes there is a Cascade detergent  action pack placed so nicely inside. Lol oh my husband is awesome! At least he attempted at doing the dishes! He's getting better :) Well by this time it's two hours later and I haven't really accomplished my goal of getting pictures of the house taken. So this has been my morning so far!And here is a picture of how I look this wonderful, sunless AM! Same hoodie and everything from when I first posted this picture online!! Any of you military wives that have a PX... they have these new under armour hoodies and they're FABULOUS! Surprisingly warm and soft.
Have a good day everyone!! "There is a great power that emanates from good women who, in the midst of the pressures of the day, arise above their challenges in a mighty force for righteousness." -Ardeth G. Kapp

Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Very First Post!

Military relationships are the product of many tears born both in happiness and despair, nights alone wondering where he is, if he's safe. It's looking at pictures, knowing that's the only way I can see his face, calling my voicemail to hear his voice, and not washing his clothes until they've lost his scent.
But it's all worth it in the end, because I know I have one of the purest loves in the world because my Soldier truly knows the meaning of Honor, Courage, and Commitment, not only to the U.S. Army, but to me. And that makes everything worthwhile.

My blog is obviously going to have a LOT of military substance :) I am after all an Army Wife! My sister tonight actually just started her blog, and like her I put off for SO long having a blog. I'm not very good at blogging, and unlike Kayla I am not as creative with my writing skills. However... the husband said this might be a good way to vent my feelings! Not having a lot of friends and family out here makes our situation frustrating at times. But I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I've learned a lot being on my own away from my family. I've had to actually be a grown-up! I hate bills... with all my (not heart and soul because mom gets mad when I use those terms) anything that is allowed to have hatred inside.

I've had to learn that utility bills might be more of a priority than a new Juicy purse or a black&white film from the 50's. But I'm learning :) My husband teaches me a lot! I don't know if anyone could handle me the way he does. He definately isn't a push-over, and though I might not have him wrapped like I do my daddy... he is MINE and it's an amazing feeling. He's tough, stubborn, hard-working, childish and very supportive. He is everything I could have ever hoped and prayed for. Though many people didn't understand our "courtship," if you can call it that because it was so short, it was exactly what God had in mind for us. I hope you enjoy the adventures we have as much as we do!