Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Water and Night

Yes Evan has made it through ALL the physical tests of dive school. Now just today and tomorrow will be all written material. Dive physics, dive diagnoses, and math.. yay!! ALMOST DONE!! He gets home either Friday if he passes everything and can get discharged, or Saturday morning if it takes too long to catch the late-night Friday plane. HERE WE COME FLORIDA!!! PLEASE pray for him, because if he doesn't pass the written portion, he has to re-take it, and if he doesn't pass the re-take (which is highly unlikely), he will have to sit there for 5 weeks until the next class starts!!!! I CANNOT STAY HERE ALONE FOR 5 MORE WEEKS... so extra prayers would be greatly appreciated :)

Ever slept alone at night? Ever slept in paper-thin walled apartments in the middle of the ghetto alone at night? Ever have the loudest upstairs neighbors that bang and crash and stomp around like they're breaking through your apartment door alone at night? Ever have a dog that was a wimpy dog that perks his ears and growls at any sound alone at night? Well... yes I have, thank you for asking. IT SUCKS... never in my life have I appreciated having an enormous, muscular, strong, military-trained husband laying next to me every night (EVEN THOUGH HE RUNS 102 DEGREES AS NORMAL TEMPERATURE!!). Thank heavens for shooting days in Utah, because yes now I sleep with a loaded gun next to my bed (so no one try to sneak in please, I don't want to have to use it.) I hate all the sounds an empty dark apartment makes when you're home alone, at night. You never notice them during the day when there's sunshine and it's quiet, but the dark is an evil time and Satan has gotten the best of me. I've had many nights where I can't fall asleep or I have to leave the light and TV on just in case, or I've woken up at 3 am scared because Buddah thought he heard something. I CANNOT WAIT FOR SATURDAY!! I'm hoping he comes home Friday though so it's one less night I have to be alone. So be grateful for husbands that sleep next to you all night, regardless if they smack you while rolling over, steal all your covers, put a divot in your bed so you roll into their ditch half the night, the husbands that snore, talk in their sleep, or want to cuddle all night until you sweat like you ran a marathon... because he's next to you. And you never know how much that actually means until you sleep alone at night.

On the bright side... I lost 5 lbs!!! WOOT!!! (Sorry Kayla there is just NO other phrase that can possibly describe my excitement!) This love/hate relationship with the gym is paying off. Oh yes and the fact that I have to give up sweets and carbs... BOO. But that's what the weekend is for :)

I LOVE YOU all and I miss you all terribly. I hope everyone has a FABULOUS week and has trials that make them stronger, people that test their patience, and children who remind you what you used to be like with your parents. xoxoxoxo

So instead of re-writing my blog and deleting everything... HE PASSED HIS FIRST WRITTEN EXAM!!! He got 97%!!! YAY!!!


  1. SERIOUSLY being alone in an apartment alone SUCKS! Even though Dave is getting out in less than a month he still has training days that he has to stay in a field of camp pendleton for 2 or 3 nights at a time... and when he isn't home I have to keep the tv on and the loaded pistol next to the bed. :) Glad he passed!!

  2. It hurts me to hear what you are going through alone! That is an awful word, and a worse feeling! I am proud of you for being ARMY WIFE STRONG!! I am thankful for your sacrifices as well as Evan's in defence of this great country of ours! I am sorry you what a wimpy-skippy of a dog! BUT he is a good snuggler:) NEVER tell your mother you sleep with a loaded gun!!
    I love you forever :)
    the mamma