Friday, September 23, 2011

"They Don't Sting I Promise!"

Well as Mari stated, it's been well over a month since I have updated this blog. Things just aren't as interesting as they used to be ;) so I'm updating! You're lucky my husband gave me something to blog about.

So as most of you know, I go to Panama City Beach, Fl once a month see my husband (I know it's such a chore!) We go out to eat, have married people time, sleep in late, stay out late, and have beach time!!

Well this last trip happened to be our anniversary weekend! Two years on the 18th. Can you believe I've been married for 2 years!!! In the two years we've been married, he made it through a deployment, and being a Colonel's driver. I made it through nursing school and moving away from everything I've known! We went through our first experience of buying a new car without the parentals (bad idea don't do it), receiving and gifting a puppy named Bella (who is SPOILED ROTTEN by our friends and they love her dearly), moving back in with the parentals (You'll NEVER get rid of me! hahaha!), a meltdown where I quit my full time job, many many nights of catching up on my tv shows and now I'm here... finishing up my BSN schooling online, living with the parentals, had to say goodbye to my middle sister who is now in college at BYU-H and once again live away from the husband.

But has it been a GREAT two years or what?! My best friends have gotten married, gone on missions, had babies, graduated nursing school, experienced the great world of Italy and its surrounding countries, divorces, broken bones, late nights, too early mornings, CRAZY jobs, dreams coming true of owning their own business, engagments, buying houses (jealous)... it's amazing! I'm so grateful for my life and everyone who is apart of it. I especially want to say how much I LOVE each and every one of you. I don't say it often enough but I am so grateful for my friends and how much support they've given me over these two years and stuck with my through good and bad. I'm grateful for catching up with old friends, who will always be your best friend, my sisters who support me through crazy crazy emotional rollercoasters, my parents who have supported me more than I deserve throughout my life, and especially my husband, who chose ME! I forget that sometimes... he chose ME and he LOVES ME! Thank you for putting up with my neurotic, emotional, over-bearing, uptight ways. You make me a better person and keep me young. I love you for eternity!

Special note to my sister Kayla: MY SISTER HOW I LOVE YOU!!! You are making a good decision going to college, moving away from your family and friends, and finding out who you are. You are truly inspiring. YOU CAN DO IT!! I miss you being here and keeping my life full of laughter, late nights, jokes, car rides, softball games, movie nights, Bella songs, funny faces, inspiring quotes, and just you. I hate walking past your room and not having you be there where I can annoy you and just stare at you until you give me awkward looks. I miss seeing you go on dates, dances, the field, practices, and family trips! Don't be sad, you are great! You will make the softball team, you will have a great experience, you will work your butt off, you will have your ugly softball tan lines, and you will fall in love with who you are as a person! Remember we are always here for you, only a phone call away, and God is only a prayer away. Keep your chin up and make it glitter, make it rain! xoxoxo

Okay... here's the story for the weekend... so I hate the ocean, LOVE the beach and sand, hate the water. The saltiness, red eyes from salt water burning them, contacts being angry at you, not being able to see what is going to eat me... just not a fun experience for me. So... I decided it's our anniversary, I'll do what he wants to do. I'll get in the water. Well.... purple flags were up that day. (that means dangerous animals) great! "Oh we'll be fine" he says, "Just come get in with me! I'll protect you".... then what do we see? A dead jellyfish on the sand. That's reassuring. So I give myself a minute to heat up in that bright, sunny Florida sun and get in the water. I go three feet and what do I see... a jellyfish! I FREAK out... he won't let me go or put me down. I start crying, literally I cried. I do NOT like the ocean. So Evan lets me go. I haul-butt out of that water and go sun bath. Well he says, okay it swam away come get it... so we start going out and I see a big, dark, blob in the water. He sticks his face in the water and comes out screaming. It was a crab and he tried to pick it up... and that crab was NOT having it. So out of the water I go AGAIN... so an hour goes by I'm sweating from the sun, so I said maybe third time's a charm. So we go back in the water, and yet again there are TWO jellyfish. He picks it up and says see they don't sting! (Remember this part)... so he throws it at me as I'm running away. I'm screaming, our friend is screaming and we hit the sand. Two seconds out of the water my leg is ON FIRE and I fall in the sand. Yup... STUNG BY A NON-STINGING JELLYFISH! Well, if he thought he had a hell of a time getting me in the ocean the first time... it's not going to happen now! I know what you're thinking... no he didn't pee on. He was laughing too much to decide if he had a full bladder to pee on his wife's jellyfish sting, from a "non-stinging" jellyfish. Needless to say... he took me to the Melting Pot that night :)

Hope you enjoy! I won't have anythign to post until November! I'm going to panama city beach for Halloween!!!

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    Once in a while for some reason the wind or something weird like that bring a ton of jelly fish to the shore. Yeah don't go in the water for like 3 days durning that. ME and Stan got stung last time too! Its a bummer!
    Happy ann